Colorsplash by Lomography
  Shift your perspective – Exaggerate your brain
Try repainting your house or apartment. Pick out some brand new colors for your bedroom, kitchen, and den. It's incredible how a little splash of blue here or green over there can change the entire mood of your surroundings. Since you're at it, why stop there? With the compact Colorsplash in your hands, you're ready and armed to repaint your whole environment. Everything that you see around you is subject to manipulation and capture through its sharp little lens. Rotate the integrated flash Color Wheel and choose from a selection of colored flash lights to toss upon your subject. The elements of exposure time, flash color, subject color, exterior light, and the manic curiosity of your lomographic eye come together to yield an endless number of potential techniques and outcomes. Remember, "colorsplash" is a philosophy. This is merely your tool to get there.

Colorsplash is now the next step in the continuing development of the Lomographic battery of instruments. In the Colorsplash world you can manipulate the colours on your Lomographs: With a colored flash by day or at night, by playing on the colored artificial lighting at night, by varying the type of 35mm film you use (see Techniques for a very rousing how-to). If you are holding the Colorsplash Camera and/or the Colorsplash Flash in your hand, then you're holding precisely the right tool to really get down to some serious experimentation with colors.

The opportunity of magically applying the 'wrong' colors to your image, just like the new and old masters, is adding an abstract edge to Lomography as a whole. It's adding a new level of randomly generated interpretative possibilities, one that has never existed in the everyday artistic lives of Lomographers before. And this step is not one that will take us Lomographers away from the experimental and closer to controlled image composition. No, on the contrary: Surprisingly, what actually comes out in the end, following the LomographicSnapshot taken from the hip, is the additional excitement of seeing how the 'miscoloration' comes out – boring or excellent, harmonic or weird, amusing or dull, the coloured reality emphasises or neutralises the result! On taking LomographicSnapshots it is absolutely essential that you are always really in the midst of things when they get interesting, that you are alert enough and capable of observing, of spotting the right moment when it comes along, and then taking the snapshot. And now you also have the option of changing the real colors with the Colorsplash, manipulating the expressive power of your final image, emphasising or inverting, or even destroying the image! The Colorsplash gives you billions of new, extra possibilities for random compositions and colorful experimentation – and you never know what exactly's going to come out. But in the end, one thing will be clearly recognisable in the sum of your images: tension, curiosity, uproar, and so the expression of your soul, of your perception, your own creative capital!

Product concept and production managment by the Lomographic Society in cooperation with Karl Emilio Pircher and SubStructureStudio, product design by Karl Emilio Pircher, Color Wheel mechanical design by Karl Emilio Pircher.