Colorsplash Flash by Lomography
  The Dopest Accessory for your Lomo LC-A Camera:
Developed by the Lomographic Society, this compact dynamo will empower you to splash your world, night or day, in whichever vibrant colors that you desire. A patented colorwheel system puts several colored flash filters at your finger tips for instant selection; with additional filters included to exchange within the wheel. Using a variety of techniques, the Colorsplash Flash will vigorously slap a burst of color onto your glowing long exposures, deer-caught-in-headlights instant shots, or bright high-contrast daytime images. Play with different perspectives, color tones, exposure times, and light situations for an endless variety of gorgeous outcomes.

A Brief Note on Colorsplashing:
Hold on to your seats with both hands. Lomography, and indeed the whole of photography is about to flip head-over-heels. No longer content with merely reporting and enhancing natural colors, we will seek to bend photographic reality and explore the whole of hues and tones - introducing new colors, new emotions, and a new world of images. Mother nature dictates that grass must be green, dogs cannot be purple, and proper coffee is always brown. Nice ideas, but we'd much rather choose our own colors, thank you very much.

Product concept and production managment by the Lomographic Society in cooperation with SubStructureStudio, product design by Adam Wehsely-Swiczinsky, Color Wheel mechanical design by Karl Emilio Pircher.