Colorsplash Flash & The Lomo LC-A
  From us to you
Conceived and developed by the Lomographic Society, the Colorsplash Flash is the ever-loving mate to your Lomo LC-A. In addition to being technical wizards and incorrigible taste-vultures, this product team is a hardcore group of manical lomographers who have poured their own desires into this one intricate item. Having used countless other accessory flashes in the past, they set out to create the perfect match to the LC-A and the lomographic lifestyle. It had to be compact, versatile, colorful, radical, open to creativity and discovery, fun, attractive, and durable. Not an easy task by any measure, but after months of blood, sweat, toil, and cut-up translucent plastic sheets; the Colorsplash Flash became reality - a matte muchacho to serve faithfully on the crown of your LC-A and escort your lomography into the most vibrant flashed light colors of day and night.
Colorsplash Flash is swept to the right side, with its bottom hot-shoe attachment in the extreme left corner. When placed on the LC-A, it gives full access to the shutter button and advance wheel. Nice. Moreover, the back of the flash is rounded and shallow, allowing your peering eye to cozy right up into the viewfinder.

When firing the flash off the camera, its flat shape easily fits into your hand, with the test (fire) button comfortably at your thumb-tip.
A flick of the wrist is the all that's required to turn the Colorsplash Flash's mechanical Color Wheel. Choose between three Colored filters to tint your subject, or a standard clear flash. When you're ready for a switch, two of the interchangeable filters can be replaced with one of the 9 additional filters that you will receive with the Flash. Snap away, and take photo 1 in blue, frame 2 in red, frame 3 with no color, and so on.

The Flash's quick mechanics ensure that you are ever ready for urgent lomography. Combine this color system with the LC-A's long-exposure capability and a world of dreamy, color-layered, flashed foreground / natural background images is in your grasp.
The Colorsplash Flash is strong enough to tackle even the hairiest of lomographic situations, yet compact enough to be powered off of only one "AA" battery. From ASA 100 and up, liberally splashing your subject in night-time or day is both easy and intensely satisfying. Using our Colorsplash techniques, the variety of images that you can create is bounded only by your creativity (and battery supply).