Using your Colorsplash Flash
Four Colorsplash Flash techniques:
The Colorsplash Flash invites your discovery and ingenuity to coax out never-before-seen images of riotous color from your Lomo LC-A.
The four techniques below are merely guides to get you started - the real juice comes from you! Play with exposure times, a variety of ambient light situations, flash perspectives from every angle, different colored flashes on different colored subjects, swinging-the-camera-around-and-then-firing, and everything else that grabs you.

The possibilities are endless and very, very exciting.
  01 : Long Exposure with Flash

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Sharp, colored foregrounds set against blurred, streaked, natural backgrounds. Say hello to purple faces, bright red noses, green chests, and orange hands. Look closely at your subjects - the movement of the camera will produce ghostly streaks and auras around them - the final remnants of their pre-flashed bodies.

Ensure that your LC-A Exposure level is set at "A" for automatic. Power on your Colorsplash Flash and find yourself an interesting low-light condition.

Depress the shutter release button and hold it down. During this time, the shutter is open; collecting the beautiful background ambient light of your image.

A split second before the shutter closes, your Colorsplash Flash will illuminate the subject in a bright flash of crisp, colored light. The result is a blurry, glowing background behind a sharp, bright foreground. 
  02 : Daytime Flash

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Who said that flashes are only for the night. Highlight your subject with a burst of colored light during a daytime setting to add priceless mood and content to your image. This is especially striking in dual light situations - where the sun in shining brightly but your subject is surrounded by a light shadow.

No special effort required. Set your Lomo's exposure to "A" as usual, and the flash will synch to the shutter button almost instantly in normal daylight (sunny or overcast).

Darker colors add more dramatic effect, oranges and yellows can be quite subtle when hitting your subject from a significant distance.
  03 : Off Camera Flash

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Just because your hot-shoe begs to be mated with an equally hot electronic flash, that doesn't mean that a bit of separation won't do your lomographs a world of good! Separate flash and camera to create new flashed light perspectives - over the forehead, under the chin, behind the head, around the corner, down from above.

Okay. Just forget about the hot shoe altogether. In a low-light situation, aim your camera with the usual Long-Exposure technique. Allow the shutter to stay open for a few seconds, hold the flash towards your subject, and discharge the light in their direction. Immediately after, let go of the shutter release. Be fast! - you have to fire the flash before the shutter closes. Turn your Lomo's ASA rating down to 25 for maximum open shutter time. Aim your flash at all different angles for slamming light perspectives.
  04 : Instant Exposure with Flash

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The monochrome effect! Sync your exposure and colored flash at exactly the same moment to splash your image with a blast of pure tinted light. Use stronger and deeper colors (dark blue, red, or purple) for darker and more dramatic results. Use lighter colors to let a little more tonal depth come squeezing through. Use the Instant Exposure with a clear flash for a normal flash snapshot - although still with the LC-A's signature colors and lens-effects.

Move your LC-A Exposure level to any mark other than "A" - thereby automatically setting the exposure at 1/60 shutter time. This allows for lightning-quick flash lomography, with the Colorsplash Flash firing immediately after the shutter button is pressed. 
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