Diana F+ Lens Adaptors

The Diana F+ magic for your Canon EOS & Nikon F Digital and Analogue SLR Cameras

The Diana F+ SLR adaptors work wonders when used with your Canon EOS or Nikon F digital and analogue cameras. It’s so easy to use, too: simply attach and twist the SLR adaptor to the Canon EOS or Nikon F mounts and then you’re ready to slap on your Lomographic weapon of choice.

You’ll get a variety of wonderful Diana F+ effects by simply putting them on! Choose the Diana+ 110mm Lens if you want soft-focused and dreamy photos or go super-sharp and vibrant with the Diana Premium Glass Lens. Going for wide-angled masterpieces? Opt for the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens or the Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens. For those who like to capture lovely photos up close, pick the Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle & Close-Up Lenses.

The Diana DIY Lens Bundle − Buy now

The Diana DIY Lens Bundl

The Diana F+ Canon Lens Adaptor − Buy now

The Diana F+ Canon Lens Adaptor

The Diana F+ Nikon Lens Adaptor − Buy now

The Diana F+ Nikon Lens Adaptor

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Please note: Using the Diana F+ Lenses on your analogue and digital cameras offer a slightly different kind of image than shooting with them on the Diana F+ camera, due to the crop factor of shooting different formats. This allows creative flexibility; you can shoot full-blown fisheye shots with your Diana F+ camera, then swap it onto your (D)SLR for awesome wide-angle shots. You’ll enjoy two effects from one lens, making it a must-have in your photographic arsenal!