The Diana F+ Clones −

− Stunning Diana F+ Designs To Suit Every Style

Back in its heyday, the original Diana camera was so successful that it spawned loads of copies and reproductions − So it's only fitting that Lomography should continue this tradition with the Diana F+. Here's a growing list of exclusive Diana F+ Clones produced so far, each with its own charming details to suit every mood!

Current Clones

Diana F+ Instant Camera

Diana F+ Instant Camera

Create dreamy images in a snap!

Diana F+ Love Letters

Diana F+ “Love Letters”

Show your love with this sweet clone.

Diana F+ Cuvée Prestige

Diana F+ “Cuvée Prestige”

This queen of medium format is ready to pop!

Diana F+ Metropolis

Diana F+ “Metropolis”

The Diana F+ & Flash Metropolis will take you on an amazing photo adventure.

Diana F+ Sahara

Diana F+ “Sahara”

Decorated with pyramids and palms, the Diana F+ Sahara is a beautiful printed leather edition.

Diana F+ GOLD

Diana F+ “Cai Guo-Qiang”

This beautiful clone commemorates Cai Guo-Qiang: Saraab, the first solo exhibition at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha, Qatar.

Diana F+ Sahara

Diana F+ “Neptune Green”

Launched in Spring, the Diana F+ gets a fresh coat of cotton candy green!

Diana F+ Buttercup

Diana F+ “Buttercup”

A bold yellow camera attached with a matching green flash, brighten up your days.

Diana F+ True Blue

Diana F+ “True Blue ”

With a bold camera design and attached flash, it's time to see true blue beauty.

Diana F+ Zebra

Diana F+ “Zebra”

Graceful and gorgeous in green, the Diana F+ Zebra will take you on a wild adventure.

Diana F+ Glow

Diana F+ “Glow”

A Glow in the Dark Special Edition Lomography Diana camera

Diana F+ Pink

Diana F+ “Mr. Pink”

The dashing analogue debonair
in a hot pink outfit!

Diana F+ colette

Diana F+ “colette”

A camera collaboration with the
Paris-based boutique colette

Diana F+ Edelweiss

Diana F+ “Edelweiss”

Created in honor of the beautiful mountain blossom of the same name

Diana F+ CMYK

Diana F+ “CMYK”

Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – a tribute to the four most important colors to print designers!

Diana F+ Qing Hua

Diana F+ “Qing Hua”

Classic and intricate Chinese style mixed with vintage influences by designer Dorophy Tang

Diana F+ Black Jack

Diana F+ “Black Jack”

Diana camera in an all-black outfit;
exclusive online edition.

Diana F+ El Toro

Diana F+ “El Toro”

Hola, Señoras y Señores! We present to you the Diana+ El Toro Edition!

Past Clones

Diana F+ Scarecrow

Diana F+ “Scarecrow”

The Scarecrowman is a Japanese animation series by Shiro Nakano

Diana F+ MOMA

Diana F+ “MoMA”

Lomography camera exclusively available
at MoMA stores

Diana F+ Chrome

Diana F+ “Chrome”

Shiny, shimmering, splendid! We're talking about the Diana F+, dressed up in brilliant chrome!

Diana F+ Tokyo Rising

Diana F+ “Tokyo Rising”

Designed to mark the Diana World Tour
Japanese stop

Diana F+ London LWC

Diana F+ “London LWC”

In honor of the London Lomography
World Congress



In honor of the Japanese Golden Week tradition, it sparkles with its delicate design and calming colors.

Diana F+ Hong Meow

Diana F+ “Hong Meow”

Commemorating the Diana World Tour event
in Hong Kong

Diana F+ Snowcat

Diana F+ “Snowcat”

This sassy comic cat was designed by renowned Korean illustrator SnowCat

Diana F+ GOLD

Diana F+ “Gold”

The 120 format beauty now comes
coated in gold tones!

Diana F+ Meg

Diana F+ “Meg”

Collaborative limited edition between
Lomography with the White Stripes

Diana F+ Take My Heart

Diana F+ “Take My Heart”

Released as a Valentine's Day special, this Diana F+ combines the beauty of art with the fun of Lomography

Diana F+ Dreamer

Diana F+ “Dreamer”

Dreamy mint-colored camera available exclusively at Urban Outfitters