Diana F+

A loving Lomography homage to the cult 1960’s camera

The Diana F+ will give you the same dreamy, color-drenched, and mind-blowing results that Diana users have always treasured!

The camera also comes with the ultra-stylish Diana F+ Flash − Syncing with the Diana F+ via an old-school metal plug connection, the Diana F+ Flash is a faithful Lomography reproduction of the classic 1960's design!

Technical Specifications

  • Film format: 120
  • Size: 5" x 3.75" x 3" (12.5cm x 9.5cm x 7.6cm)
  • Variable shutter (daytime & "B" for unlimited long exposures)
  • 12-shot (5.2x5.2cm), 16-shot (4.2x4.2cm), and endless Panorama (4.6x4.6cm) formats
  • Removable lens for super-wide-angle pinhole shots.
  • Includes the Diana F+ Flash with color gel filters

The Diana F+ Features

Two Shutter Speeds

Two Shutter Speeds − Choose between "N" for normal daytime snapshots or "B" for unlimited indoor and night-time exposures.

Two Image Sizes

Two Image Sizes − Choose between 12 full frame shots (5.2x5.2cm) or 16 smaller square images − In the classic Diana format (4.2x4.2cm)!

Multiple and Partial Exposures

Multiple and Partial Exposures − Advance the Diana F+ as much or as little as you like after each shot to make multiple-exposures, half-exposed frames and stretched out crazy-long shots!

Pinhole Function

Pinhole Function − Take the old-school route and remove the lens, set the aperture to a super-small pinhole and shoot a soft-focused, super wide-angled pinhole photo!

Pinhole Function

Endless Panorama − Use this setting along with the smaller image format (4.2x4.2) to place sequential frames right next to each other and create a concurrent and unlimited panoramic image.

Shutter Lock and Tripod Thread − Sharp and solid long exposures (especially pinhole images) require a steady camera. To help you out, we've included a standard tripod thread on the bottom of your Diana F+ and a small shutter lock that allows you to keep the shutter indefinitely without holding it down.

2-Year International Warranty − The Diana F+ camera is covered by Lomography against any manufacturer defects for a full 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty is valid throughout the world. We got your back!

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