LAWRENCE −LomoHome lawypop: “The Diana F+ is the most versatile camera in Lomo-land” − See his Gallery

Tell us a little about yourself...
I'm a graphic designer from Singapore. I got my first 4-lens Actionsampler in 2008. And after countless films later, I’m still stuck in the past with my plastic cameras!

How did you first discover the Diana F+?
I read about the Diana World Tour online some years back and was amazed by the different versions of this plastic camera. The "Hong Meow" special edition was my first Diana camera in early 2009 and since then she has travelled with me to beautiful places like Bali and Moscow!
I have to confess that it was her "retro-panda-licious" plastic appearance that made me fall head over heels!

Describe the Diana F+ in 5 words
Miss Dee in Da House! (In a fake hip hop accent)

What's your favorite feature of the Diana F+ and why?
That is a tough one. The Diana F+ (aka Miss Dee) is the most versatile camera in Lomo-land. She can be armed with a bunch of different crazy lenses or totally transformed from 120 format to 35mm or Instant. Even when she is not armed, her super wide-angle pinhole ability is often understated.

If you could shoot any subject with the Diana F+, who or what would it be?
I would love to shoot the Icelandic singer, Björk one day!

Do you have any advice for Diana newcomers?
Always do the boring part which is reading the often neglected instructions. Get the facts first and you will enjoy the endless fun later. Next, get the 35mm back if possible because it gives you 36 frames to shoot for your first test roll. This is important because it lets you familiarize with Diana’s distance range, exposure and shutter speed. Once you are comfortable, you may advance to the medium format and the different types of films and techniques.