Wladislaw Grad

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Tell us a little about yourself...
I am an avid Lomographer, a mother to 3 cats and a lunatic film collector from Osaka, Japan. I now live in Los Angeles.

How did you first discover the Diana F+?
I got my first Diana+ (before Diana F+ was out) on the day it was launched on Lomography website. As soon as I saw the sample shots from it and finding out how affordable it was, there was no reason not to get it right then.

Describe the Diana F+ in 5 words
Classy, fun, dreamy, but temperamental

What's your favorite feature of the Diana F+ and why?
My favorite feature is the B mode. Shutter lock makes it possible to do the long exposure without shaking the camera and I can easily capture the ambient lights at night or dreamy image with the Pinhole mode.

If you could shoot any subject with the Diana F+, who or what would it be?
If that includes things from the past, I would love to take pictures of the people and the city during the Edo period (1603-1867) in Japan. Diana would be the perfect camera to capture the life of the citizen, the energy of the city, the castle, and samurais in the war on black and white!

Do you have any advice for Diana newcomers?
Make mistakes and grow with her. It's all about having fun!