Susie Lomovitz

Susie Lomovitz: “Mmmm... there are many features I like of the Diana, but what I like most...” − See her Gallery

Tell us a little about yourself...
When I was a little girl my mother took me to tennis classes. The second day the coach told her she should take me to dance classes, because that was what I did best with the racket. And so she did. I still love to dance!

How did you first discover the Diana F+?
I went to a Lomography store in Madrid to buy my boyfriend's birthday present. I didn't know much about analogue photography, actually I didn't know much about photography. I was undecided, didn't know whether to buy the Diana or the Holga. The nice guy there, Tatto, told me that the Diana had interchangeable lenses, pinhole mode and more accessories than the Holga, so I decided to buy the Diana, although I hadn't understood anything of what he was saying. My boyfriend started to carry his new camera in all trips we did and sometimes I grabbed it to shot some photos. That's how I discovered it and started to fall in love with Diana. A few months later I caught my brother at the lomo-store buying a Diana Deluxe kit. I asked what was he doing there, to whom he was buying that treasure. That amazing box perfectly wrapped was for me!!! That day I had my own Diana, and he created a frankenstein.

Describe the Diana F+ in 5 words
Diana F+ is magical. Diana F+ is beautiful. Diana F+ is elegant. Diana F+ is subtle. Diana F+ is delicate.

What's your favorite feature of the Diana F+ and why?
Mmmm… there are many features I like of the Diana, but what I like most, or at least what I use most are the interchangeable lenses. I love all the possibilities that the different lenses give to me to compose my images.

If you could shoot any subject with the Diana F+, who or what would it be?
Right now the face of the person who is reading this answer.

Do you have any advice for Diana newcomers?
Give yourself and your Diana time to get to know each other.