Diana F+ Tips & Tricks

Dreamy Doubles

Dreamy Doubles − How would you like to compose two dreamy scenes in one frame?

With the Diana F+ you have the option to advance the frame as much or as little as you like after each shot. With double exposures you can create interesting stories in just one picture!

Instant Beauty

Instant Beauty − Get the dreamy Diana appeal in your instant shots!

Just attach the Diana Instant Back+, load it up with Fuji Instax Mini Film, and you're ready to capture instant photos with the lovely soft-focused Diana effect!

Monochrome Memories

Monochrome Memories − Did you know that the Diana F+ yields beautiful photos when used with black & white film?

Try it out with portraits – they'll emit a mysterious and nostalgic vibe reminiscent of old-school glamour.

Precious Pinholes

Precious Pinholes − Going for a softer, dreamier look?

Re-visit the roots of analogue photography and go lens-less for a change. Simply twist off the lens and your Diana F+ is pinhole ready!

Panorama Drama

Panorama Drama − Embrace grand, sweeping panoramic images with the Diana F+.

Use the smaller image format (4.2 x 4.2) to place sequential frames right next to each other for stunning panoramic images.

X-Pro Glow

X-Pro Glow − Want extra intense colors in your Diana F+ photos?

Load it with slide film, shoot as usual and have the roll cross-processed. Depending on the slide film used and the lighting conditions, the colors can go from yellows and greens to warm pinks and reds – Experiment with x-pro and prepare to be surprised by the awesome results!

Red-Hot Redscales

Red-Hot Redscales − Want to conveniently achieve fiery redscale photos with the Diana?

Load it with Lomography Redscale film - Your shots will glow with warm honey tones!

Sprocket-full of Romance

Sprocket-full of Romance − What happens when the Diana F+ meets the Diana 35mm Back+?

Lovely lo-fi shots with sprocket roles! With this cool accessory, your Diana F+ can use 35mm film and expose the film’s splendid sprocket holes!