Diana F+ Modifications

The Diana F+ is perfect for modifications because you can easily take it apart and put it back together! Its endless potential for transformation gives you the chance to re-invent your Diana over and over again. Try out these mods and invent your own!

The String-a-Long Tripod

The String-a-Long Tripod − Level: Easy

Try this quick and easy way to get rid of the shake from your snapper.

Diana F+ Macro Shots

Diana F+ Macro Shots − Level: Easy

A great mod to get sexy close-up pictures of your favorite fruits (and a load of other things too!)

String Cable Release

String Cable Release − Level: Easy

Release your Diana shutter with the simple pull of a string – Perfect for crazy photos from impossible angles!

Scratch & Filter Mask

Scratch & Filter Mask − Level: Medium

Remember those plastic masks that came with your Diana? We have found a way to recycle them! Put them in front of the film to get interesting effects. Try it out!

Exposure Timer

Exposure Timer − Level: Medium

With this mod you´ll get a timer, which is ideal for long night-time exposure and evening/indoor pinhole exposures!

ISO Boost

ISO Boost − Level: Advanced

Give your Diana an ISO Boost. Find out how to achieve similar results as a 400 ISO with a 100 ISO film

The Diana F+ Spinshot Mod

The Diana F+ Spinshot Mod − Level: Advanced

Create super panoramas, up to 360° - Shoot a roll of film in less than 20 seconds - Experience a new way of shooting – It's all possible with the Spinshot Mod!