Take a break from your usual routine – unplug your gadgets, bring all your friends and join us in celebrating Film Photography Day. Make sure to bring a great stash of film along with your favorite camera! There are so many awesome memories that we’ll be sharing together, and they are best documented on film. We will be holding a 1-Day Festival of Analogue on Saturday, 11th April in Lomography Gallery and Embassy Stores worldwide, as we countdown to 12 midnight for the big day! Imagine crazy analogue celebrations that include fun raffles, workshops and other awesome activities!

To fire up the excitement, here are a few teasers:

  • We will be concocting out-of-this-world Film Cocktail Recipes in Hong Kong, a grand community photo exhibition in London, some fantastic workshops in New York and so much more.

  • In between all these there will be free-flowing drinks, music, and tons of new friends to meet!

  • Full details of each store event will be posted here soon, so don’t forget to keep checking back for more updates.

Looking back on Film Photography Day

Oh what a day it was! Between all of the meet-ups and competitions that happened, Film Photography Day was a fantastic day for film photography lovers. Check out the things that went down in cities around the world and stay tuned for the 2015 events announcement!
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From boarding a school bus for a trip to Coney Island in New York, to shooting above the Tokyo skyline, we took film photography to the next level and organized LomoMatrix events across the world. Check out the videos below.

Hong Kong




New York

And this is not all; read the full story on our online magazine! Find out more

The Independent #filmphotographyday LomoMatrix Rumble

We also wish to take this occasion and thank all the dedicated lomographers who took it upon themselves to organize independent LomoMatrix events! The small, but dedicated team from Zaporozhye, Ukraine took home the big prize of the Independent #filmphotographyday LomoMatrix Rumble.

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For the first official Film Photography Day, over 500 people all across the globe participated in the biggest LomoCaterpillar in history! Read all about it here and check out the video below.

The event line-up for Film Photography Day 2015 will be announced soon; in the meantime, take a look at all the other events we have in-store for you and make sure you drop by!

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