Lomography Gifts Scheme

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Whether you’re on the giving or the receiving end, there are few things in life which bring more happiness than a gift.

We’re very pleased to welcome you to our Gifting Program! If you’re looking for the perfect gifts for a party or corporate activity and a tie or a hamper just won’t do, then you’ve landed in the right place. We have great savings available depending on the number of items you are looking to buy; simply fill-in our request form and we’ll contact you with an offer!

Lomography LCA

Here’s how it works:

  1. Pick the camera you find most suitable from our Gifts Suggestion Section
  2. Fill in the request form with your details and requirements.
  3. We’ll process request and get back to you within 24 hours.
  4. You can save on a whole range of cameras!

Why Lomography?

A Lomography gift is not just another object; it’s a key to the analogue way of life. If you’re looking for a gift as special and unique as the recipient you intend it for, then look no further.

A Lomography camera will surprise, bring smiles and will certainly make any party or corporate activity one to be remembered. Special prices are available depending on the quantity you require.
Just drop us a line and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours with an attractive proposal tailor made for your needs.
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Gift Suggestions

To make things easier for you, we’ve handpicked a few of our finest, most loved cameras and sorted them by price range. Take a look below and pick out the ones which would suit your recipients the most. Depending on the quantity you require, special prices are also available.

analogue elite

Special gifts for important clients, company anniversaries or awards.

250-380 EUR/USD/GBP

Analogue Elite #1: LC-A+

lomography lca
lomography lca package

One of our most beloved cameras, the LC-A+ is capable of the most amazing photographs. Expect nothing but excitement over its analogue shadowy vignettes, eye-popping colors and sexy saturation.

Visit the LC-A+ microsite

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lomography lca samples

analogue elite

Analogue Elite #2: The LC-Wide

lomography lca wide
lomography lc wide package

This analogue superstar goes to the widest extremes! Stunning vignettes, intense colors and breath-taking saturation await the recipient of this breathtaking compact camera.

Visit the LC-Wide microsite

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lomography lca samples

analogue supreme

Great gifts for parties, events and company activities.

69-119 EUR/USD/GBP

Analogue Supreme Gift #1: The Fisheye No. 2

lomography fisheye number 2
lomography fisheye 2 package

Clad in a metallic exterior and sporting a fisheye viewfinder, the Fisheye No. 2 will capture everything around you into a compact circular image.

Visit the Fisheye 2 microsite

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fisheye 2 samples

Analogue Supreme Gift #2: The Diana F+

lomography diana
lomography diana package

You can never go wrong with the Diana F+! A new twist on the cult classic 60’s Diana camera, the Diana F+ produces dreamy, radiant, lo-fi images at the flick of a switch!

Visit the Diana F+ microsite

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diana samples

analogue supreme

Analogue Supreme Gift #3: The Spinner 360°

lomography spinner
lomography spinner package

This unique camera goes beyond the confines of standard panoramic landscapes by capturing everything around you in one simply amazing 360° photo.

Visit the Spinner 360° microsite

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spinner samples

analogue supreme

Analogue Supreme Gift #4: The Sprocket Rocket

lomography sprocket rocket
lomography sprocket rocket package

This super-stylish retro-look camera boasts a super-wide angle lens for breathtaking panoramas. Moreover its photos have an unmistakably analogue look thanks to the exposed film sprocket holes.

Visit the Sprocket Rocket microsite

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sprocket samples

analogue fun

Fun for everyone! These easy to use cameras are the perfect gift for staff or friends.


Analogue Fun Gift #1: Fisheye One

lomography fisheye
lomography fisheye package

The Fisheye One captures a sweeping 170-degree view compacting everything around into a compact circular image! Expect endless lighthearted fun.

Visit the Fisheye One microsite

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fisheye samples

Analogue Fun Gift #2: The Colorsplash Camera

lomography colorsplash
lomography colorsplash package

This unique-looking little camera re-casts the world in a gorgeous riot of color! It will have its recipient splashing color any time of day or night!

Visit the Colorsplash microsite

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colorsplash samples

analogue fun

Analogue Fun Gift #3: The Supersampler

lomography supersampler
supersampler package

The Queen of all multi-lensed cameras takes four sequential panoramic shots on a single, action-packed photo! It’s ideal for the outdoorsy, adventurous types.

Visit the Supersampler microsite

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supersampler samples


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