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Corrina Bauer

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Alias: corrinska


I'm a passionate Lomographer and dog owner who still believes that Rock'n'Roll will save us all.

What do you most love about the La Sardina?

I am totally into nautical designs and fashion and fell in love with its looks instantly. It was hard for me to decide which model to buy but in the end El Capitan took my heart by storm. Combined with the easy handling and the great flash, my La Sardina has become my constant companion. Its photos have this special vintage look that fit the camera design perfectly. No matter where I use it, people are always asking me if this crazy thing is really working.

How would you describe La Sardina in five words?

Fabulous, fishy, flashy, fantastic, friendly

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest Lomographic encounter that you have ever had?

I got to capture Bobby Liebling, the singer of Pentagram, doing "the eyes" for me after a great concert. I took the picture with my Sardina and it came out really fine.

Your advice to future La Sardina shooters?

Go close and take care to feed it with enough light.

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