Make Your Prophecy Competition!

You know the 10 Prophecies, you’ve spread the word, now it’s time to express yourself! Welcome to the Make Your Prophecy Rumble! Here’s what we want you to do:

  • Design a piece of art with your interpretation of one of the 10 Prophecies – Choose whichever Prophecy you want, and do whatever you want! It can be any medium, from collage to drawing, sculpture to painting, writing to music…Just remember to have your prophecy of choice somewhere on there!
  • You can use pictures in your creation, but we are looking for something exceptional and unique. Take a picture of your artwork, submit a design file, send us a video link - Show us what you’ve got! Post your shot at or send your files to

Find out more on the Make Your Prophecy competition page.

Amazing Prizes

Soon we won’t be able to top ourselves... For this competition the stakes are higher than ever before!

1 Grand Prize Winner will get:

  • An Around the World Ticket with 3 Stops
  • Pocket money for travel accommodation ($2000)!
  • An LC-A+, a Sprocket Rocket, a Spinner 360° and a whole bunch of different films
  • A Netbook in order to be able to blog whilst travelling!

Plus, the 2nd to 10th prize winners will each get:

Head to the Make Your Prophecy Competition Page to find out more.