Satomi Sugiyama




32 (Wait, I mean, 22!!)

City and Country:

North Hollywood, U.S.A.

Short Bio:

Enchanted by the magic of Lomography, I dedicate all my spare time to analogue photography in order to capture important moments of my life. My life is often captured in highly saturated and colorful shots, without the use of unnatural additives that so much of mankind has become addicted to over the last decade. I may sometimes contradict myself in my pictures by finding beauty in the ugly and finding silence within the noise. All in all, I am a perfectionist who dreams of the world of imperfection.

What do you most love about the Sprocket Rocket?

Besides the awesome panoramic image it produces, I just love the design so much. It's so retro!

Describe the Sprocket Rocket in five words:

Deliciously sprockelicious and old skool!

The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had?

My greatest Lomographic encounter is simply to have made so many great friends from the community like blueskyandhardrock, ceduxi0n, and lomosexual_manboy in my area, but also those who come from other countries, like mephiso19, anarchy, and jeabzz to name a few. I've also had some of the best Lomo journeys with ak47lomogurl and wil6ka so far, but I am waiting for more to come ;)

Your advice to future Sprocket Rocket shooters?

The camera loves to bathe in the sun! Take it with you wherever, and don't forget to rub in a healthy amount of 400ISO LomoLotion!