So you've just taken your very first roll of film with the Sprocket Rocket, you've got your breathtaking negatives, so now what? After getting their shots developed, many Lomographers decide that they want to scan their precious negatives themselves, but why?

1. The Sprocket Rocket's unique sprocket-hole exposures and super-wide panoramas might not be able to be scanned by some ordinary labs.

2. With your own scanner you have maximum control over color, tone, saturation and resolution of your images.

3. Because you can save a lot of money! Scanning can get expensive and so a good scanner is a fantastic investment that you'll never regret. Get one and start saving those pennies!

Scanning by using DigitaLIZA

Scanning your own negatives is a rewarding process and gives you ultimate control over your images. After all, they're your babies, so why not have them exactly how you want them? All you need to scan your images is a good scanner and you're ready to go! It's that simple! Why not check out this helpful and comprehensive guide to scanning here

Already have a scanner but want to make your photo-scanning experience even easier? That's why we've invented the Lomography DigitalLIZA scanning masks! These masks act as handy holders for your negatives and ensure that your precious shots are treated with the love and respect they deserve! They're created with you in mind – to make your digitalization experience quicker and more convenient.

DigitalLIZA masks are specifically designed for scanning Lomography formats such as sprocket-hole exposures and wide panoramas, which makes it the perfect accompaniment to the Sprocket Rocket.

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