No Rules, Happy Mistakes & Analogue Love

Twenty five years ago, the photographic world was changed forever when a creative and experimental wild child burst onto the scene. In 1992, the Lomographic Society International was born — and with it, a revolution.

A quarter of a century later, this revolution has spread all over the world. Creatives in every corner of the globe are ignoring the rules, losing themselves in the moment and capturing the crazy, magical experience that is life on this wacky rock floating around the solar system — all in the name of Lomography.

To celebrate, we’re inviting our Community to join us in creating a worldwide photography exhibition. Submit your shots and build a LomoWall near you today!

25 years of lomography 25 years of lomography

Here’s how to become part of this huge celebration:

  • Hunt through your archives for your best pictures of the countries of the world, or get snapping over the next few weeks.

  • Submit your shots to as many of our competitions as possible. We have 196 competitions for 196 different countries. You need to do this before 31 August. We want to see how you experience the world. If you upload via your Lomohome, make sure that you tag your pictures!

  • If your picture is selected to be part of our LomoWall exhibitions, you’ll be entered into this year’s TEN AND ONE Annual Lomography Photo Awards.

  • But that’s not all! You can also sign up to build your own Lomowall Exhibition, even if you haven’t taken part in the 25 Years of Lomography competitions.

  • If you sign up to build a LomoWall Exhibition, we’ll send you digital copies of the winning photos by the end of September. Use them to build a LomoWall Exhibition in your favorite place, invite everyone you know to opening night, and then send us some pictures of you celebrating 25 years of Lomo love!

  • Win huge prizes including shop vouchers, one of five Lomo LC-A+ Special Edition cameras and a Diana F+ Special Edition camera… and celebrate with us!