have your own lc-a anniversary party
have your own anniversary party
Event Submission Guidelines

To mark this auspicious moment in the life of the LC-A, it’s only fitting that a stream of parties, projects and other events should be staged around the world all year long!

From Lomographic global activities to intimate community-organised meet-ups – we invite you to join in the celebrations with us. You will find news of these eclectic and unmissable events listed and updated right here.

All your fabulous submissions to these projects, be they pucker photo uploads, peachy postcards or tantalizing tales, will find their way into our special LC-A 25th anniversary touring exhibition which will culminate in a grand slam final event!

25 LC-A Community Anniversary Parties

Everything is possible until end of 2009! Just keep one thing in mind: Don’t plan your party on June 19th – you have an invitation that day already!. But don’t leave it until the last minute! Submit your proposals all year long to: adrian.bilek@lomography.com

All you have to do is send us your party proposal, and then we’ll select the best ideas and send the host a 25th Anniversary Party goodie bag – packed with lots of cool stuff to get your party swinging in true Lomography style!

It's worth putting your thinking caps on because the most original ideas will not only receive some special Lomography treats but, also after the event, your party photos and story will be featured on the blog as part of the LC-A 25th Anniversary celebrations.

For more details click here!

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lc-a cake shape

Add some extra analogue flavour to your LC-A Birthday Cake with the official Cake Cut Out and the LC-A 25th Birthday Stencil!

Download Shape&Stencil_A4.zip
Download Shape&Stencil_A3.zip

  • LC-A Cake Shape
LC-A Cake Recipe

Can you imagine a birthday party without cake? We can’t. That’s why we will equip you with the knowhow and tools to bake the perfect Lomographic Birthday Cake.

Download Cake Recipe (PDF)

  • LC-A Cake Recipe
Guestbook pages

Here’s your super analogue chance to express your lomographic love for the LC-A and the Community that has gathered around that 25 year old photographic icon.

Download Guestbook Pages.zip

  • guestbook pages

Dig a little deeper in the LC-A’s history and you will begin to see the true value of this gorgeous treasure. Read more about the LC-A’s history

  • History
Specifications and Accessoires

What could be better than the original Lomo LC-A? The Lomo LC-A+, of course. Check out all classic and new features of the legendary LC-A

  • LC-A+ Camera

Two years in the making, this book brings together the complete, never before published, 25 year history of the LOMO LC-A. read more

  • The LC-A Book
most recent lc-a events

The latest events in the LC-A 25th Anniversary Year calendar.
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Upcoming lc-a events
  • ends in about 11 months

    Celebrate 25 Years of the LOMO LC-A With Us!

    posted by lucasjakobsson
    posted in: events

    You’re invited for a year of parties, projects and events in celebration of the little analogue camera where Lomography began! The fact that twenty-five years down the line, the LC-A is more popular than ever – is a clear sign of the uniqueness of this unassuming point and shoot and the staying power of analogue photography. That’s why we’re in the mood to celebrate!

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