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The Lomo LC-A+

Harness the best features of the original Lomo LC-A, and top it off with a host of new capabilities and you have the LC-A+. If you thought the LC-A couldn’t get better, check out the LC-A+’s lightning-fast zone focusing, on-point automatic exposure and a multi-exposure switch!

What could be better than the original Lomo LC-A? The Lomo LC-A+, of course.

Its legendary Minitar 1 lens gives you the same radiantly coloured and shadowy vignetted images as the original, while taking your Lomographic experience to soaring heights with cool new features like the multiple exposure switch, enhanced ASA settings and a cable- release- enabled button for long time exposures.

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The vision of the LC-A was simple - a miniaturized, automatic camera meant to provide the masses with a reliable workhorse for everyday photography. However, dig a little deeper and you will begin to see the true value of the gorgeous treasure.

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Harnessing the best features of the original Lomo LC-A, and rising above it with a host of new capabilities – the Lomo LC-A+ is simply the finest, most delightfully unexpected, robust, pocketable, vividly colorful, and soundly addictive snapshot camera of all time.

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Over the past few years the LC-A has picked up quite an entourage. From a rich variety of specially designed lenses, to whole travel kits, the KRAB under-water casing, photo albums and even t-shirts; there are a great many ways to intensify the LC-A experience.

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