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As founding hero of Lomography and our namesake camera, surely the legendary LC-A deserves a shop category devoted to its snapshot splendour. What’s there to love, you ask?

The convenience of this pocketable, 35mm shootbox, paired with the secret weapon – the color-bursting Minitar lens - make for a totally unique analog adventure.

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LC-A Products

Experimentation is all part of growing up. Over the last few years the LC-A has worked its way through new features, different models, and kitted itself out with a world of perspective-bending accessories. So if you thought you knew all the LC-A's tricks - prepare to be surprised as you take a look around.

We are constantly adding new tools to expand your analogue adventures with the LC-A. Here’s a little hint - keep an eye out for some very special 25th Anniversary Year limited edition LC-A+s.