The Absolut Lomo Project

Lomography is thrilled to announce its first partnership with V&S Absolut Spirits – the highly esteemed Swedish company that has produced Absolut Vodka since 1979. For many years, Absolut advertising campaigns have been famous for their creativity and innovation. They’ve worked with a wide range of highly talented artists such as Andy Warhol – the king of Pop Art, and Laurence Gartel – the Digital Art pioneer. This year, the Lomographic Society was invited by Absolut to participate in a unique new project. Using the concepts of public art and group participation (just like Warhol!), the Absolut Lomo project will mobilize the creative input of the global Lomographic community.

As one might expect, the word ABSOLUT means "absolute" in Swedish – and is defined as "the top-notch", or "a personal favorite". The "absolute" is free from any limitation or condition, and is philosophically complete in itself.

Thus, the buzzwords for this challenge read as such: Capture your vision of Absolut through one or a series of excellent Lomographic camera images and join the worldwide pool of Absolut Lomo participants. We want to see YOUR vision of what you consider to be ABSOLUT. Devote yourself wholly to visual perception, or work from the wide field of inspiration that comes from the phenomena of your experienced world. You can read much more about this world of Absolut Lomo on

How Lomo can you go?

A wise person once said that a Lomo camera is a natural extension of your hand and your eyes. As it must be carried on your person at all times, it quickly takes on the feeling of a somewhat clunky but quite stylish sixth finger. And - as it is most effectively used to capture all of the stimulating moments in life that appear in front of your face - it might as well serve as the part of your eyes and your brain that perceives all which is photogenic, interesting, crazy, and absolutely beautiful.

We hereby invite you to harness the great power of this hand-eye-mind-Lomo connection and apply it against four categories - all related to your vision of "Absolut" themes. Just as the "Absolut Lomo" campaign presents six compelling artists capturing their love and creations through a Lomo lens, we want YOU to show us a range of wonderful Absolut themes from your own perspective. Read all about and see the work of Paulina Magos/Mexico, James Marshall (Dalek) /USA, Huang Yan/ China, Stella Mouratidi /Greece, Oliver, Germany and Sascha Lilic /United Kingdom here:

So, get involved, be creative, be relentless, and think way outside of the box.


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