Back in the winter of 2003, we met a Brooklyn gentleman who goes by the name of “Dalek.” As part of a gallery project entitled “Dream So Much,” we lent him a white Colorsplash camera to customize as he pleased. Two weeks later, we were awestruck to see the results! Our plain camera had been transformed into a jazzy black and white number that used dozens of black typeset stickers to create a half-camo, half jumbled letters pattern – with one crazy, staring eye smack in the middle of it.

With this in mind, we contacted Dalek last year with a pitch to create the first artist-customized Lomography camera. Given his precision linework, amazing use of color, and world-famous “Space Monkey” motifs, we were positive that the results would be stunning. Man, were we ever right about that! Without a doubt, Dalek is one of the coolest people that we have ever had the pleasure of working with. Talented, easygoing, and rocking a set of really fierce tattoos – we formed an instant friendship with him. After receiving a camera and 10-pack of film from us, Dalek set about creating an entirely new graphic look for the Supersampler. He was easily inspired by it’s future-world design and crispy four-frame sequential images. Alongside his personal photo shoots, we asked our global community at large to submit their finest Supersampler shots for inclusion in a collaborative book.

What you see before you is the culmination of nearly one solid year of work. A gorgeous magenta Supersampler sits within a completely customized package. A 166 page book entitled “URBANIZE!” is filled with Dalek’s breathtaking graphics and hundreds of Supersampler shots by both the man himself and by over 50 Lomographic contributors.

Each Dalek Supersampler Package Contains:
* Custom Supersampler with Dalek graphics
* Dalek-customized outer box and inner molded case
* URBANIZE!” – a 168 page soft-cover book filled with graphics and images. All images have been (1) shot by Dalek himself or (2) submitted by the Lomographic International community and hand-selected by Dalek.
* 144 page Supersampler Lomography book