“What I like about the Diana Instant Square is that it takes one great camera, another great camera, and then slams them both together for an even greater camera”

Troy Memis


“It’s the world’s first Instax camera to feature interchangeable lenses and a hot-shoe mount”
“Lomography’s Diana Instant Square is an iconic camera reimagined for the instant revolution”
“You can mount different lenses and connect the camera with an external flash: these features make the Diana Instant Square a real, unrivaled champion in terms of versatility”
“An Instax square camera with interchangeable lenses and a hot-shoe flash? Yes please.”
“The camera is deliberately designed to make testing exciting creative effects such as long exposures, multiple exposures and exceptional color filters easy.”
Foto intern
“The Diana is a camera that puts creativity above everything else.”
“The new Diana Instant Square camera is an instant camera that rekindles the charm of the 1960s classic.”
“The cult camera maker has combined two cameras to create an even greater, even more Lomotastic camera.”
5 stars

"The Lomo Diana Instant Square gives you more control than the Polaroid OneStep 2, while the Instax film gives more consistent results compared to Polaroid film. The vintage design is a bona fide design classic, brought up to date with Instagram-friendly square snaps."

Stuff Magazine
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