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  • Film Format: Fujifilm Instax Square Film
  • Film Size: 86 mm × 72 mm
  • Exposure Area: 62 mm × 62 mm
  • Shutter Release: Manual N/B shutter
  • Shutter Speed: N (1/100), B (Bulb Mode, Unlimited)
  • Aperture: Manual settings, cloudy (f/11), partly sunny (f/19), sunny (f/32), pinhole (f/150)
  • Film Ejection Mechanism: Motorized
  • Film Counter: Yes, mechanical
  • Multiple Exposures: Unlimited
  • Flash: Diana F+ Flash (with adapter, included in package), hot shoe (with adapter, included in package)
  • Interchangeable Lens Mount: Diana F+ bayonet mount
  • Focal Length of Kit Lens: 75 mm (38 mm equivalent)
  • Zone Focusing Setting (kit lens): 1–2 m / 2–4 m / 4 m–infinity
  • Tripod Mount: Yes
  • Selfie Mirror: Yes
  • Viewfinder: Reverse-Galilean, detachable
  • Battery Supply: 4 × AAA batteries — please note that batteries are not included
  • Filter Thread Diameter on 75 mm kit lens: 30.5 × 0.75
  • Dimensions: (W×H×D) 140 mm × 115 mm × 98 mm
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why didn’t you create a square format instant back for the Diana F+?

Here at Lomography, we love a challenge — and we’re also not too bad at number crunching. We figured out that it would cost approximately the same amount of money to develop an instant back as it would just to start from scratch with a whole new camera. Not only that, but starting over would give us a chance to build a new and improved camera informed by all our years of experience in instant photography. We’d be able to optimize its size and pack it with exciting features. We wouldn’t need to provide correction lenses or special viewfinder markings, as we would for an instant back. What’s more, we’d make sure that it was compatible with all the previous Diana F+ lenses, allowing it to be a bold new venture that was very much part of the darling Diana family. That’s why we decided to branch out with the Diana Instant Square. It’s a wild new instant camera built on everything you love about the Diana F+ — with some exciting experimental features. We hope you like it.

Can I shoot 35 mm and 120 film with the new Diana Instant Square camera?

No, the Diana Instant Square is optimized for use with Fujifilm Instax Square Film.

How is the Diana Instant Square powered?

The Diana Instant Square works with 4 × AAA batteries.

Can I use my original Diana F+ lenses on the Diana Instant Square?

Yes, the Diana Instant Square works with all original Diana F+ lenses. This includes the 20 mm fisheye, 38 mm wide-angle, 55 mm close-up and 110 mm telephoto lenses, as well as the 75 mm glass lens. However, the original Diana F+ Splitzer cannot be used on the default lens of the Diana Instant Camera. You'll need to use the Diana Instant Square Splitzer, or the Lomo'Instant Square Splitzer instead!

Do the Lomo’Instant, Lomo’Instant Wide, Lomo’Instant Square or Lomo’Instant Automat lens attachments fit on the Diana Instant Square?

The lens attachments for each Lomography instant camera are optimized to suit the film size that their corresponding camera takes. That means that the lenses of the Lomo’Instant, Lomo’Instant Wide and Lomo’Instant Automat cannot be used on the Diana Instant Square. However, the Diana Instant Square standard 75 mm lens has the same filter thread as the Lomo’Instant Square, meaning that it works with the Lomo'Instant Square portrait and wide-angle lens attachments, neutral density, color and star filters!

What type of film does the Diana Instant Square work with?

The Diana Instant Square works with Fujifilm Instax Square Film.

Does the Diana Instant Square take screw-on filters? What’s the filter thread size?

The standard 75 mm lens has a 30,5” filter thread. Please note that the 20 mm, 38 mm, 55 mm and 110 mm accessory lenses do not have a filter thread.

How do you focus with the Diana Instant Square?

The Diana Instant Square will use the same straight-forward, manual zone focussing System as the original Diana F+ Camera. The standard 75 mm lens has three focusing settings: 1 - 2 m, 2 - 4 m, 4 m - infinity.

Will my Diana Instant Mini Back fit the Diana Instant Square camera?

No, the Diana Instant Square does not work with the Instant Mini Back designed for the Diana F+ camera.

How does the lightmetering work on the Diana Instant Square?

The Diana Instant Square doesn’t have a lightmeter. It has to be operated completely manually, which means that you have full creative control over your pictures.

Can I store my images on an SD-card as well?

No, the Diana Instant Square is fully analogue. The Fujifilm Instax Square Film is directly exposed, with no sensor in between. That’s what makes it so magical.

Does the Diana Instant Square have a self-timer?

No, the Diana Instant Square does not feature a self-timer.

How do I compose my image? What viewfinder does the camera have?

The Diana Instant Square Camera has a detachable reverse-Galilean viewfinder.

What’s the aperture range of the camera?

The Diana Instant Square Camera features the same manually adjustable, easy to use apertures as the famous Diana F+ — “sunny” (f/32), “partly cloudy” (f/19), “cloudy” (f/11) and “pinhole” (f/150).

What shutter speeds are available?

You have a manual n/b shutter with a fixed speed of 1/100 in “N” Mode and unlimited Bulb mode available on the Diana Instant Square camera.

Can I use other flashes than the Diana F+ Flash?

With the hotshoe adapter, you can trigger any hotshoe flash. Go wild and experiment with gorgeous bursts of light!

Does the camera have a tripod mount?

Yes, just like the original Diana F+ it features a metal standard tripod thread on the bottom.

Does the Diana Instant Square come with a warranty?

We offer a standard two-year worldwide warranty. The warranty applies to the original purchaser and is non-transferrable. During the two-year period, the camera will be covered against production errors and material failures based on normal camera usage. If a physical defect arises and a claim is made within the warranty period, Lomography will either repair the product defect or exchange the product for a new, functional, equivalent device. Please note that we do not offer a 14-day return policy. Additionally, we cannot offer refunds for rewards after the end of the campaign. If you discover a problem with your reward item, please contact us at or send us a private message through Kickstarter.

Is there a remote control for the Diana Instant Square Camera?

No, there is no remote control for the Diana Instant Square!

Do you ship worldwide to all countries without exception?

The Diana Instant Square will be available for delivery to most countries around the world. Lomography cannot be held liable for any additional customs charges that may occur in your location. We have logistics hubs in the following locations — Hong Kong, Japan, New York, and Hungary. Our hub in Hungary allows us to deliver to EU customers without incurring additional customs fees when you receive your camera. Please be aware that there may be extra import costs to pay upon delivery, depending on your location. In order to reduce the import fees we have to charge, we are delivering goods to customers from Turkey through our distributor in Istanbul. Due to this extra step in distribution, customers from Turkey should expect slightly extended estimated dates of delivery. For customers from Thailand, we’re offering “drop shipping”, which means that there will be no additional import costs to pay upon receipt of the camera. If you are from Russia or another country that is not listed for shipping, please contact us through a private message and we’ll figure out if we can make a shipping arrangement for you.