Celebrating 10 Years of the Diana F+

Inspiring the analogue community the world over, Diana F+ has doused our dreams in dazzling lo-fi lovability for ten tremendous years. And now it’s back with a brand new look. Inspired by classic 1960s American diners, our darling new Diana F+ 10 Years of Diana Edition comes in a gorgeous matte red and pastel blue design, complete with a rockin’ retro gold lens.

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Dazzle and delight with our wide range of accessories for the Diana F+

  • The Diana Instant Back +

    Take a Diana F+ photo and watch it develop instantly! The Diana Instant Back+ combines the creative possibilities of the Diana F+ with the immediate gratification of instant photography. Use it with Diana F+ and all its full range of accessories to get great results in an instant!

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    1. Compatible with all Diana F+ cameras
    2. Tripod 'Ears' for steady shooting and long exposures
    3. Automatic film number counter
    4. Battery operated — 2x CR2 batteries (batteries not included)
    5. Tripod thread

    Technical Specifications

    1. Exposure Dimension: 46mm x 62mm
    2. Length to focal plate extended: 12mm
    3. Correction lens for extended focal length: Included in package and required
    4. EV variation of Correction lens: -1 EV
    5. Batteries: 2x CR2 (6V) (batteries not included)
    6. Film Ejection mode: One touch ejection
    7. Power on/off switch: Yes
    8. Power light up indication: Yes
    9. Film Counter: Yes (LED Light)
    10. Tripod Mount: Yes
    11. Tripod 'ears' – Create a firm base for steady shooting
    12. Film type: Fujifilm Instant Mini Film (must be purchased separately)
    13. Photos per pack: 10 (film must be purchased separately)

    Please note: The correction lens (which adjusts the focus for all Diana F+ lenses) must be installed before attaching the back and film.

  • The Diana 35mm Back+

    Specially designed for the Diana+, the 35mm Back+ is fully interchangeable and easily pops on and off your camera. Now you can enjoy the convenience of 35mm film with the dreamy, slightly-leaky effect the Diana camera is famous for!

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    1. Shoot all types of 35mm film (Color Negative, Slide, Black & White, Redscale)
    2. Two integrated exposure counters that tell you the frame you’re on
    3. Choose from four different image formats
    4. Easy to install and remove

    Please Note: The back cannot, unfortunately, be changed mid-roll.

  • The Splitzer

    Now you no longer just take your Lomography Diana F+ shots, you “call” them too! The Diana F+ Splitzer lets you dictate exactly what appears on your photo — and exactly where it appears — by allowing you to slice and dice into halves and quarters. Just slip it onto the top of your Diana F+ lens and twist the blades with your fingers. By slicing and dicing your images, you can re-combine them to make something entirely new!

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  • The Flash Black

    Syncing with the Diana F+ via an old-school metal plug connection, the Diana F+ Flash is a faithful reproduction of the classic 1960’s design — use the included hot shoe adapter and it will also work with other standard hot shoe cameras such as the Lomo LC-A+ and Fisheye No.2!

    Integrated Color Flash

    Slip one of the plastic color gel filters into the flash and get ready to fire a burst of colored light at your subject, day or night!

    Long Exposure Flash

    Set your Diana F+ to the long exposure Bulb or “B” setting to let all the streaming ambient light into your image — creating a flashed or color-flashed subject against a glowing, beautiful background.

    Included Hotshoe Adapter

    The Diana Flash works via a two-pronged plug adapter like the original! It plugs directly into the camera body. A Diana Plug-to-Hotshoe adapter is also included which allows you to use this high-powered and beautiful Diana Flash on any standard hot shoe camera.

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  • Diana Deluxe Kit

    The Diana+ Deluxe Kit is where you'll find the Diana F+ with all her accessory kinsmen. That's correct — every Diana+ accessory you can think of is right here and ready to roll. Go forth and diversify your Diana+ experimentation with this fully comprehensive collection of tools and accessories.

    The Diana Deluxe Kit includes: Diana F+ camera, Diana+ Flash, Hot-shoe adapters, Cable release collar and cable release, Splitzer, 35mm Back, Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens, Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and Close-Up Lens, Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens, Viewfinder Adaptor, Universal Viewfinder, Fisheye Viewfinder

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  • Diana Accessory Kit

    Enhance your classy Diana abilities with these accessories! Grab the best accessories at low-cost with this package and start to develop your analogue photography skills.

    The Diana Accessory Kit includes: Collar and cable release, Splitzer, 35mm Back+, Diana F+ 20mm Fisheye Lens, Diana F+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens, Diana F+ 55mm Wide-Angle Lens and Close-Up Lens, Diana F+ 110mm Telephoto Lens

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  • Diana Cases & Bags

    It’s a tough world out there for a camera, so keep your Diana F+ camera and flash safe with the Diana Ready to Shoot Bags!

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Diana F+ lenses

Twist the Diana F+ lens off and you have two options: to shoot supremely dreamy pinhole photographs, or try various perspectives with the assortment of lenses exclusively designed for the Diana F+ camera.

  • Diana F+ Lens Adapters

    The Diana F+ SLR adaptors work wonders when used with your Canon EOS or Nikon F digital and analogue cameras. It’s so easy to use, too: simply attach and twist the SLR adaptor to the Canon EOS or Nikon F mounts and then you’re ready to slap on your Lomographic weapon of choice.

    You’ll get a variety of wonderful Diana F+ effects by simply putting them on! Choose the Diana+ 110mm Lens if you want soft-focused and dreamy photos or go super-sharp and vibrant with the Diana Premium Glass Lens. Going for wide-angled masterpieces? Opt for the Diana+ 20mm Fisheye Lens or the Diana+ 38mm Super-Wide Lens. For those who like to capture lovely photos up close, pick the Diana+ 55mm Wide-Angle & Close-Up Lenses.

    Please Note: The back cannot, unfortunately, be changed mid-roll.

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  • Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens

    Thought you couldn’t get sharp photos with the Diana F+? Think again! With the Diana+ 75mm Premium Glass Lens, you can shoot crisp and clear images with the signature dreamy appeal of the Diana. This glass lens is comprised of 3 coated glass elements and is fully compatible with all Diana F+ cameras and accessories.

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  • The Diana F+ Fisheye 20mm Lens

    The world's first all-plastic interchangeable lens for a medium format camera, the Diana F+ Fisheye Lens offers 20mm focal length, a 180-degree field of view and a completely circular image on a square print.

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  • The Diana F+ Superwide 38mm Lens

    The classic perspective street photographers and photojournalists love. Why? It yields a 120 degree view angle, letting in all the details from all around your head and stretching it out to the corners of your frame. It's perfect for city-scape shots!

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  • The Diana F+ Wide and Close-Up 55mm Lenses

    Two lenses that work together in perfect harmony. Used together you'll get dazzling shots with shallow depth of field — your subject will be in focus against a creamy blurred background.

    Please Note: The Close-Up Lens requires the 55mm Lens to work, and is not sold separately.

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  • The Diana F+ Soft Telephoto 110mm Lens

    If you desire a closer look at your photographic subject, this is the lens for you. Its shallow depth-of-field and longer focal length yield great colors, softness, blurriness and vignettes.

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