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What are sprocket holes?

What are sprocket holes?

Sprocket-holes are the little rectangular holes on top and bottom of a 35mm film. The little teeth of a film camera hook into these holes and thereby transport the film to the next frame. Sprocket-holes are unique to 35mm analogue photography. Neither 120 medium format film nor any digital format features sprocket-holes. The special thing about it: also the material between the sprocket-holes reacts to light and can record an image! For a few years now, Lomographic cameras such as the Diana F+ and the Lubitel 166+ made use of this feature and enabled Lomographers to also expose the sprocket-holes. This results in an awesome and unique look to your images. With the DigitaLIZA there is finally an easy and fast way to scan any special picture format including the sprocket-holes in its full-length, unabridged beauty.

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