This year, we will be celebrating the 4th Annual Film Photography Day in Lomography Gallery and Embassy Stores around the world. This is the place where film buffs can get together, shoot amazing pictures, and celebrate all things analogue! Enjoy a rocking line-up of festivities – packed with parties, workshops, special deals, rumbles, and inspiring talks.

To check out our detailed line-up of events at Lomography locations worldwide, head over to the Events page.

We look forward to celebrating with you!


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Take a look at what’s hot and trending

Lomo’Instant Wide

Perfect for both beginners and experienced pros, the Lomo’Instant Wide offers unprecedented creative control. Take your instant experience to the next level with the Lomo’Instant Wide’s array of awesome features!

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Daguerreotype Achromat 2.9/64 Art Lens

The Daguerreotype Achromat is directly inspired by the world’s first photographic optic lens – a 19th century invention created by Charles Chevalier for the Daguerreotype camera. Almost two centuries later, we’ve reworked it as a powerful tool for modern-day photographers and cinematographers.

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LomoChrome Purple 16mm Motion Film

We’re excited to introduce you to the first 16mm film from Lomography—the LomoChrome Purple 16mm Film. Following the footsteps of its 120 and 35mm predecessors, this beautiful film yields a purple and green color shift—giving your 16mm movies a vintage, nostalgic vibe that’s prevalent in independent films and 1950s cinema.

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Lomo Bazaar

This is the place to find any camera suited to any style: we’re constantly searching far and wide, seeking out and hunting down some of the most experimental and alternative gear out there – find our selection gathered here, handpicked for you!

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A Journey through New York with the Lomo’Instant Wide

Polish Up Your Analogue Skills with a Skillshare Class

Enroll in The Ins and Outs of Going Analogue via Skillshare. Check out the sweet videos by Skillshare below to see what it’s all about!

Intro to the Ins and Outs of Going Analogue

Film Photography: The Ins and Outs of Going Analogue

An Online Skillshare Class by Antonio Castello

What is Lomography?

An Online Skillshare Class by Antonio Castello