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Film Tips

Get experimental and try developing your Lomography films using one of our favorite film tipsters! Developing your films using these techniques can give you some truly fantastic and unique results – Give it a go and see for yourself!

Please Note: These experimental film tipsters are designed for home developers – They can damage the developing chemicals so you should not get them developed at a photo lab unless you ask in advance!


Ingredients: Lemon Juice

This sour Tipster by cumella will give your photos a sweet hue. Just soak your film in a glass of lemon juice after exposing it, dry it and then develop it – simple!

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Spice Up Your Life

Ingredients: Salt and Boiling Water

Salt and boiling water are all you need for this Tipster from mephisto19. He got intense blue, purple and red results – try it out and see how your photos turn out!

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spice up your life tipster

Add Baking Soda

Ingredients: Baking Soda and Boiling Water

Another great Tipster by mephisto19 – This time he used baking soda and was rewarded with some truly surreal shots.

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add baking soda

Do the Dishwasher

Ingredients: A Dishwasher Cycle

Ever wonder what would happen if you put your film through a dishwasher before shooting it? Lomography’s Dr. Lab did - That’s why he produced this divine dishwasher Tipster!

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do the dishwasher

Bleach and Shout

Ingredients: Surface Cleaner and Boiling Water

A Tipster sure to blow your mind, straight from Dr. Lab at Lomography HQ – You'll get great washed out shots which look like they are straight from the 50's!

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bleach and shout

Film Cocktail Overdose

Ingredients: Cough medicine, vinegar, aspirin, vitamin tablet, allergy pill, a pinch of salt, soda pop.

Submit your film to this dangerous concoction and see how it survives! You know what they say; "No pain, no gain".

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film cocktail overdose

How to Present Your Prints

When you have prints of your lovely photos, the Lomography Stationery range allows you to show them off in all their beauty! The LomoKorrespondent products perfectly frame your analogue shots and each of them are available in various sizes to suit your needs. Why not display one of your favorite photos in a Journey Frame or keep a whole selection of them beautifully stored for years to come with the Photo Accordion?

Journey Frame

A cool and easy way to showcase and share your photos - Available in Small Square, Big Square, Small Landscape and Big Landscape formats.

journey frame

Photo Accordion

Unfold the magic of your precious snapshots in one compact booklet - Available in Square 1, Square 2, Landscape 1 and Landscape 2 formats.

accordion frame