170 degrees and Fisheye distortion all in a 35mm print!

Hold on tight and imagine everything above, below and around you streaming through your eyes and compacting into a little ball. Picture your best friend’s nose being vacuum-sucked into your lens, their eyes and forehead stretched back. Visualize yourself blown away by a huge depth of field which renders both the foreground and background of a scene in complete focus. This, my friend, is the Fisheye experience, a photographic encounter like no other.


Fisheye One

The world’s first honest-to-God compact Fisheye camera is here and waiting to swim into your life. The Fisheye One captures 170 -degrees of your surrounding environment, yielding an awesomely distorted circular shot on a rectangular image. It uses 35mm film that can be processed anywhere and because of its built-in electronic flash, it’s perfect for use day or night! So get ready to be knocked head over heels by some truly breathtaking and fierce images!

Fisheye No.2

Place a Fisheye No. 2 to your lips & take a sip - does it taste familiar? It should! The new cocktail in your hands is the second version of our world famous Fisheye camera. Like the original it takes in a 170 degree view of the world and uses 35mm film. But we’ve also given this Fisheye an improved taste by stirring in some zesty new flavors. First off, the Fisheye No. 2 includes a "B" setting - allowing the shutter to stay open and let-in that gorgeous natural nightime light. Next, a multiple exposure switch enables as many shots as you like on the same frame. A fisheye viewfinder gives you a real view into the world you’re shooting. A standard hotshoe allows for easy use with the wunderbar Colorsplash Flash. I tell you, this camera is a bona-fide Fisheye sensation!

So open your heart, stretch out your hands and grease up your fins. It’s Fisheye time baby!

Did you know? We’ve made the Fisheye even smaller! Take a peep at the tiny Fisheye Baby 110 camera here.