As with everything Lomographic, the Fisheye is like a tiny puppy hanging by its teeth from the seat of your pants and BEGGING you to get out there and EXPERIMENT. Forget the rules, push the boundaries, cross the film, color the lights, and generally do whatever it takes to tease the most inspiring images possible out of your little beastie. But we can't leave you completely out there in the wild by yourself can we? So below are a few basic tips and techniques to get you started.


Get close

Not an exercise for the timid - the Fisheye lavishly rewards those who bravely advance within a whisper of their subject. Get right up to your friend's face and their nose will get sucked into your lens whilst their ears and forehead will slide backwards. Sharp, beautiful pictures are possible from even the closest quarters. Party on!

Experiment with angles

The Fisheye doesn't want you to just shoot from the hip, it wants you to do it different! From above or below, the back or the front, between the legs...try a trick shot! Shoot from any angle you feel like and you're sure to get some crazy and cool photos!

Forget the Viewfinder

With the Fisheye's massive field of view, it sees much more than any simple viewfinder or even your own eyes can see. The Fisheye truly invites you to shoot instinctively and capture everything from the Earth to the heavens in the process.


Given its hot-to-death new capabilities, your Fisheye No. 2 is able to shoot a virtually limitless variety of stunning photos. Here's a little teaser to get you started – our tip-top Fisheye No. 2 techniques!

The Lazy John

Night / Long shutter / No Flash / Single Exposure

One for the couch-surfers who prefer a life of fancy leisure. Once the sun goes down, select the “B” setting and hold down the shutter release. As long as you keep it pressed, the shutter will stay open. Place the camera on a steady surface and hold the button for 1 to 5 seconds for crisp, dreamy low-light shots. Move the camera around for wild, streaky, abstract images.

Night Shift

Night / Fast shutter / Single Flash / Multiple Exposure

Gonna be some sweet love coming down from the film lab after you submit this roll! Set the shutter to “N”, charge the flash and shoot. Then, charge the internal flash and take a second shot on the same frame. You'll get a classic double-exposed image - all against a dark night background. Hint: Try snapping your friends (or yourself) in different poses or photograph a close subject on a landscape. Bust out the hotshoe flash for colorful chaos.

Off The Hook

Night / Fast shutter / Hotshoe Flash / Single Exposure

Set your exposure to “B” and charge the hotshoe flash. DO NOT attach the hotshoe flash, but merely keep it in your other hand. Open the shutter, start exposing, move or stay still, and fire the hotshoe flash by pressing its test button with your finger. You can even have someone else fire the flash for you! Change up your flash position by firing from the top, bottom, sides, around your back, and through your knees. Or even behind your subject’s head! You now have long-exposed, colorsplashed images with a new and dramatic light perspective.

Whosit Whatsit

Whatever / Wherever / Whenever / No worries / Get it On

Long-term-multiple-exposure-flash/no flash, shutter setting on “N” or “B”, 2 flashes, 1 or none: forget about all the rules and go out shooting. Expose for a millisecond or a minute, charge both flashes or none, move your camera or hold it still, get close or far away. Click- click-click-click-click - don't forget to press the multiple exposure button in between and expose everything on the same negative. The result: a wonderful surprise!