Wouldn’t it be nice to photograph a scene as you see it?

To capture the warm glow of your bedroom at dusk, softly lit by the fading sun? The truth is, it’s a bit of a challenge to replicate. You can load up a fast film in your camera, but fiddling around with the camera settings take up time – and before you know it, the world turns, the light changes – and you’ve lost that perfect moment.

Enter the Fuji Natura Classica camera from Japan.

This handy, point-and-shoot 35mm camera is a dream product for analog lovers who love lowlight and indoor photography. Equipped with the NP (‘natural photo’) mode which calculates the subject’s brightness and adjusts the exposure according to the available light, it’s so light-sensitive that you’ll never need to use flash again. Pair it with a fast film, preferably the Natura Classica 1600 (NP mode only works for ISO 800 and above) and you’ll get natural-light images with sharp, faithful colors, fine details, and a very smooth grain. Say goodbye to washed-out effects of the harsh flash!

To top it all, the sleek, modern design will win you over.

It’s lightweight and small, specially designed for easy point-and-shooting. It also operates quietly – making it perfect for quick captures and serene moments.

Read the spec for more details!

Fuji Natura Classica Sampleshot Fuji Natura Classica Sampleshot