• Let go of the controls

    Because of its simple settings, the Holga is categorized as a "“Toy Camera". But it’s this simplicity which also makes the Holga such an enchanting photographic instrument. You don't need to be an expert to decide which of the two light settings, four focusing modes and two shutter speeds to choose from – The Holga encourages you to embrace its fundamentals and, in the process, free yourself from getting hung up on photographic rules.

  • 1. Disarm your subjects

    Holga is not one to be taken seriously. Your subjects will relax, have fun, and open up for your lens. Go with this. Natural is best - let yourself flow right along with Holga's innate power to strip away pretense and posturing.

  • 2. Free yourself from rules

    Holga neither knows nor respects any rules. Its sheer simplicity is your key to power. Think of the Holga not as a camera, but as paintbrush, liberally splashing your canvas with exactly the elements that you choose.

  • 3. Embrace random results

    Holga is a loose cannon; an unpredictable partner who sometimes makes its own decisions despite your most strident attempts at control. Many times, your best creations will be the result of your most foolish mistakes or oversights. Don't fight it! Roll with the punches and stay flexible.

  • 4. Engage individuality

    Each Holga is unique and different from the rest. Some produce brighter images, some more colorful images. Each Holga is an individual, and will leave its special signature on every photograph that it takes.

  • 5. Get Your Hands Dirty

    The simplistic mechanics of Holga invite you to play with them. Dive inside its inner workings and discover what makes the Holga tick. Experiment with different modifications and treatments. Tape up the sides; slap a filter on the lens, pinhole the lens cap. Experiment and innovate.