Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop-Pop-and so on…

Without any exaggeration, the gorgeous hunk of plastic that you see before you is the hottest of the hotshoe flashes. Four “AA” batteries are the only things required to turn this baby into a virtual disco-light factory. Move the switch to “on,” and tune your ears for the intense high-pitch whine as the Holgon's massive capacitor charges to full power. Once the ready light is lit, you're ready to unleash its full fury . It has more than enough power for group shots, bounced portraits, and relentless multi-flash strobe magic! With your Holga 120GN set to "B," the Holgon will automatically fire 2x per second for however long your shutter is open. Crazy action-freezing strobe images are only a motion away! The Holgon is nothing short of a full-blown revolution for the legions of Holga-fanatics out there. Here's a few reasons why:

* Create strobe portraits with a rapid-fire rate of 2x per second
* Angle the flash element up to 90 degrees for slamming bounce-flash effects
* High powered capacitor for fully exposed group shots

Plays well with others

We're happy to report that the Holgon's basic functions (single flash and bounce flash) will work on nearly every manual hotshoe camera – including the original hotshoe Holga. The Strobe flash function, however, is a bit hard to predict. It works flawlessly on the Holga 120GN hotshoe camera and the Smena Symbol. On others, the Strobe doesn't work at all. For that reason, we can't guarantee that the Holgon Strobe function will work on any camera other than the Holga 120GN. If you need a GN, then check out our Strobe Packages for an awesome package deal. And if your Holgon Strobe function works reliably on another camera, then please let us know.