Holga Strobe Package

Need a Holga to harness the power and fury of the Holgon flash? Our tempting Holga Strobe Package includes the hardworking Holga 120GN camera. Armed with cutting edge imaging technology, the 120GN features a "B" shutter (the shutter stays open for as long as you want), a tripod nut, and 6x6 frame mask for razor sharp images. Like borscht n' beer, these two star-crossed lovers are made for each other. The Holga 120GN's standard hotshoe also accepts all other manual hotshoe flashes.

Holga Strobe Deluxe Package

Want to "put on the Ritz" a little bit harder? Go ahead and shine with our Deluxe Package. In addition to the Holgon and Holga 120GN, you'll receive the luminous Colorsplash Flash , Fred Lebain's acclaimed "Mes Vacances Avec Holga" book , and five rolls of premium Fuji NPH 400 medium-format film. Hoo-hah!