As lovingly detailed in our Holgon introduction, there are two key techniques on the road to Holga Strobe proficiency. Learn them, know them, and love them.

Strobe Flash

For simple shots (like Mom used to take), the Holgon has more than enough juice to light a good-sized group. Right and tight. But to truly experience Holgon, you have to set your Holga hotshoe camera to its “B” (long exposure) setting. When you fire your camera and hold the shutter open, the Holgon will shoot at an insane 2x per second – covering your subject in a wash of timed strobe bursts and literally freezing each step of their movement.

Bounce Flash

Grab a new perspective on tossing your flash light by engaging the Holgon’s “bounce” flash capabilities. The front element swivels on a little hinge, allowing the flash to move 90 degrees and point straight up. When you’re beneath a relatively low ceiling, you can shoot the flash towards the sky and bounce its light back down onto your subject – bathing them in a soft, even glow – with interesting shadow detail. Tinted and colored ceilings will often send down rock n’ roll colored light, so keep a sharp eye out for them.