The premier panoramic snapshot machine

If you want easy panoramic pictures, this cream-coloured snapshot machine is your best bet. Its fixed aperture and focus, plus the fast setting for daytime and slow setting for night shots, make it effortless to enjoy stunning panoramic pictures in just a point and shoot!


Multicoated of-28p 28/2.8 glass lens:

The crispy glass heart of the Horizon is just as lovely as it sounds - a multi-element masterpiece that yields eye-popping color, jaw-dropping contrast, and slamming sharpness all around.

Swing-Lens Technology

Cocking the Horizon's shutter charges the clockwork mechanics, and touching the shutter release sets the lens into motion. As the lens swings from side to side, a narrow vertical slit between the lens and film rotates along with it – thereby progressively exposing the film as the lens moves.

  • Dead-Easy Double Exposures

    Feel free to cock and fire the shutter as many times as you like without advancing the film! The uncoupled advance and shutter allows you to take double (triple, quadruple, etc.) exposures on the same frame!)

  • Day and Night Shutter Settings

    The day setting shoots at 1/60 second, and works in full sunlight to partial shade. The night setting gives you ½ second – enough to make a softly lit street scene absolutely glow with color and shine.

  • Battery-Free Operation

    Everything that the Horizon does is powered by a classic clockwork motor – eliminating the need for batteries!

  • Fixed F/8 Aperture:

    The fixed f/8 aperture yields excellent depth of field (not too short and not too long), sharpness and clarity.

  • Uses all varieties of 35-mm films

    Total convenience! Use whatever you like – all 35mm colour negative, slide, black & white, redscale, can be loaded into your Horizon’s greedy little gullet!

  • Built-in Pro Accessories

    With the cable release and tripod thread, and the fat handgrip, you’re guaranteed shake-free pictures. The bubble-eye level through the viewfinder allows you to perfectly place the “horizon” of each photograph!

  • Two years limited waranty

    The Lomographic Society International guarantees your Horizon to be free of manufacturer defects for two full years after purchase. This does not include misuse, abuse, or dropping your camera into the Ganges.