Dont sweat the technique

Hey cowboy. If you're looking for a one-trick pony, then you'll have to mosey on down to the next corral. With a mighty stallion like the Horizon in your hands, the effects that you can command are nearly limitless in scope. As if its dazzling double-wide format wasn't enough, there's a whole new world of tricks and tips out there for you to mine and discover. Here's a few quick ones to get you started.

  • Bend the world

    So easy, yet SO SATISFYING each time. Due to your camera's swing-lens system, it needs to be held level in order to render a straight Horizon. So far so good. But, if you move the camera off level and angle it either up or down, you'll impart either a convex or concave arc along the length of your image. When shooting a wide open area, you can even simulate an insanely tight Earthy curvature! Breathtaking.

  • Boy in the corner

    If you're tired of all those bland portraits, then here's a little something to spice things up. As you command the Horizon's unique panoramic power, then stuff your main subject into a corner – or next to a 90-degree wall. As your lens s-w-e-e-p-s across, your subject will be left peeking out in a wonderfully distorted and almost 3-dimensional fashion.

  • Night Moves

    Night shots using pure available light are pretty much dope across the board. However, when you add in the Horizon's 120-degrees of vision, then the result is nothing short of magical. Get yourself some ISO 400 film and trek down to a nicely lit street or cityscape. Keep your camera as steady as possible (whip out that tripod and cable release if you have the Perfekt), choose ½ or ¼ of a second for your shutter speed, and fire away. The gorgeous, streaming lights of your resulting photo will knock you right out.

  • Speed Demon

    Here's a nice one – if you can outrun the Horizon's swing-lens than you can render yourself as a blur within the photo. This is most easily done with passing cars, trains, motorcycles, and bicycles. But ask a friend to give it a try. Cock the shutter, place them at one side of your viewfinder and tell them “steady…” Now, scream “go!” and hit the shutter release. Provided that they RUN LIKE HELL, you'll have one blurry friend against a sharp crispy background. And the benefits of that cannot be understated.