Rich Russian Heritage

First developed in Soviet Russia in the late 1940’s, the original Jupiter lens was crafted by the optical pioneers at the Zenit factory in the suburbs of Moscow. It was a direct copy of the Zeiss Sonnar and came to be loved for the incredible character it gave to the images captured with it. Since then, it’s been used to capture millions of photographs around the world. But production of the Jupiter 3 was halted in 1988 and the option to find one has become more difficult as time goes on. Even the ones that are still in circulation often have been mistreated beyond repair or need adjustments just to work properly with modern day cameras. The lenses that have survived are coveted and beloved by collectors.

What’s the Plus?

In addition to having a modified 0.7m closest focusing distance (an improvement from 1m on the original lens), the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is multi coated to reduce flare, ghosting and surface reflection. Constructed from chrome-plated solid brass, the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens is much more durable than the original Jupiter 3 lens, which was made out of aluminum, so it will last for years to come. Additionally, as a rangefinder coupled lens, the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens utilizes the Leica M’s rangefinder focus — which means perfectly precise focusing when paired with rangefinder cameras!

Unsurpassed Character

Equipped with a versatile 50mm focal length and fast f/1.5 maximum aperture, the New Jupiter 3+ Art Lens allows you to effortlessly capture every moment from portraits to everyday life. It has an outstandingly shallow depth of field at large apertures and yields stunning results in all kinds of settings, whether you’re shooting in low light or bright sunshine. Subjects will pop out from the frame while the defocused areas will be drenched in beautiful bokeh, resulting in an extremely unique image quality that makes this lens incredibly special and gives a character entirely its own! Alternately, if you’re looking to achieve the opposite, just stop down and you’ll end up with a fantastically sharp image, frame to frame, full with crisp and natural colors.

Handcrafted Construction

The undertaking of designing the New Jupiter 3+ was incredibly important to us, so you can imagine the construction came at equal importance. For this, we enlisted the help of the Zenit Factory in Russia, who we have partnered with on multiple projects on in the past. They are a small, skilled and dedicated team of technicians and have the knowledge and experience for this complex task. From the moment you unpack the lens, the high quality of the handmade craftsmanship will shine through all the way to your first outing with it!