• LC-A 120 Life Lessons

    Be sure to take the LC-A 120 everywhere with you. We designed it to be compact enough to fit into your bag! From that great day at the beach, a funny looking dog on the way home from work to your granny’s birthday meal – the LC-A 120 wants to capture it all! And with its easy to use settings including four step zone focusing and programmatic auto exposure, you can whip it out in a flash and snap any moment!

  • Multiple Exposures Adventuring

    One of the most fun things you can do with the LC-A 120 is to just some optical trickery using the clever MX switch. Using the multiple exposure function on the camera, you can expose the same square you are shooting as many times as you like (be careful though, each new exposure lets more light onto the film, so too many exposures can lead to over-exposure and we’d hate for that to happen). So try shooting a photo and then using the magical multiple switch to then shoot again over the frame. We promise you’ll end up with some ultra-impressive snaps.

  • Long Exposures

    The LC-A 120 includes a tripod thread and cable release thread. This means you can fix the camera to a tripod and attach a cable release thread to the camera. Both these things are extremely useful when you want to shoot long exposure photos, since they ensure that the camera doesn’t move around at all whilst you are taking your shot. Don’t be shy, hook your camera up to these accessories and give long exposures a go!

  • A Wider View

    Your LC-A 120 camera is equipped with a 38mm f/4.5 lens (this is equivalent to a 21mm field of view on a 35mm film camera). And the lens has been perfectly designed to fit snugly within your LC-A 120 camera, the most compact programmatic medium format camera on the planet. So with this wide-angle lens at your side, you can soak up all kinds of fantastic things with your LC-A 120 camera. And remember to shoot close! The LC-A 120 can focus up to 0.6 meters. Take advantage of every centimeter as things look awesome when shot close-up in wide-angle!

  • Go X-Pro

    Cross-processing (also known as 'x-pro') is the procedure of deliberately processing one type of film in a chemical solution intended for another type of film. If you cross-process your slide film in C-41 chemicals, the results are shocking (in a good way!). The entire color balance and contrast level of your images is thrown out of whack. Photos turn out saturated or with high contrast and you might get all kinds of other unexpected results as well! Try shooting X-Pro with your LC-A 120 for fantastic, vibrant results!

  • Black & White Delight

    We have always loved Black and White photography but there is something that extra bit special about shooting black and white with the 120 square format. With medium format square photos, the whole composition of each shot is simplified and shooting black and white accentuates the lines, shapes and forms even more. So grab a roll of B7W film and have some classic style fun!

  • Flash Fuelled

    Flash phots look très cool with the LC-A 120. Grab a flash that takes your fancy, insert it in the camera hot-shoe and you’re ready to go. Especially when shooting indoors or at night, a flash can be a life-saver. And we love to flash at parties, if you know what I mean (no, not like that!). Also try shooting with color filter gels over your flash to drench your square format wonders in different hues and tones of delight!