The Story Behind

Accept no substitutes, mimics or masqueraders… this is the full, unabridged Lomo LC-A Book. It’s been two years in the making, and along with the help of thousands of images submitted by the Lomographic community this book encapsulates over 25 years of LC-A history. Stuffed with more than 3,000 unique images shot with this unmistakable camera hailing from St. Petersburg, the book traces the LOMO LC-A back to its roots.


Don’t be misled. This is not a yawnsome history book – but a celebration in images of this amazing camera, and how it’s characteristic, show-stopping photographs and addictive spirit inspired a unique analogue photography movement called Lomography, and won a legion of dedicated followers. Discover the LOMO LC-A’s ancestry, the long struggle to keep its original Russian production going and ultimately how the camera was reborn as the LOMO LC-A+ in China. The LOMO LC-A book is an all-encompassing homage to possibly the most characteristic and inquisitive analogue camera on this planet.



The LOMO LC-A is where Lomography started! Our roots are with the LC-A and therefore Lomographers have always had a unique affinity with the camera. We wanted to pay the LC-A the tribute it deserves – and coincide the release of the book with the 25th anniversary of LC-A’s creation in 2009. The book is the complete account of the many wonders of the LOMO LC-A.

Firstly, showcasing the awe-inspiring images that can be achieved with this camera and are created every minute of the day by Lomographers around the globe.

Secondly, to tell the world about the fascinating history of this camera, how it is responsible for the inception a photography style known as Lomography, and how it developed and survived for 25 years - becoming one of the most popular analogue cameras of our time.