The Making of…

The making of the book took 2 years in total. We researched, tracked down and interviewed hundreds of people: starting from Lomography veterans veterans, their stories and experiences; Lomography community members, people who contributed to the development of the camera; as well as St Petersburg LOMO officials.


We hosted a LC-A online rumble in 2006 and from this we gathered the photo material for the book. We also ventured deep into dusty recesses of the Lomography Archive, located at the Vienna HQ, and compiled the best LC-A and LC-A+ shots from the last 15 years. In the text, one can find information, documents, materials, files, pics and facsimiles that have never been seen before by a broad public. Some exclusive material was collected straight from LOMO PLC in St Petersburg.


Vital Statistics

  • A total of 451 people submitted pictures to the 2006 online rumble.
  • More than 10,000 images were submitted to the 2006 LC-A Online Rumble. See gallery!
  • More than 3,000 images made it into the book and were shot exclusively with the LOMO LC-A & LC-A+
  • 263 users have pictures in the book
  • 664 pages in total
  • Luxurious hardback book
  • Two types of high quality paper – matt and glossy
  • Book dimensions: 331.12mm height, 249.84mm width
  • 25 amazing drawings based on the history of the Lomo LC-A by Georgian artist and long time Lomography friend, Alexander Djikia
  • The book took 2 years from inception to publishing
  • This is the 1st book to cover the complete history of the LOMO LC-A camera!


We want to specially thank all those who contributed their images for the LC-A Book. We received over 20,000 images in response to our 2006 online rumble. The quality and calibre of the images were so impressive we would have liked to include almost every submission. However, space restrictions meant we

had to make a selection but we guarantee, whether or not your picture made it into the book, you will be pleased with the result. Even if your picture did not make it into the book, all 10,000 pictures submitted to the 2006 LC-A Rumble are featured in the gallery here.