Everyone Loves This Instant

  • The people at Lomography do as much as anyone to keep analog photography alive — so we couldn’t think of anyone better to make an all-new instant system.
  • The Lomo’Instant looks like no other instant camera. It comes in multiple colors and styles and features multiple modes including color filters, fisheye shots, and infinite long and multiple exposures.
  • What sets this apart from other instant cameras is its extensive feature set, which includes add-on lenses, a variety of filters, several shooting modes, and much more.
  • The retro camera fanatics at Lomography are diving into the world of instant photography with a colorful new shooter packed with all the charm and nostalgia of the 35mm Lomos you’ve known for years.
  • Where Lomography’s instant camera stands out is in the customization options, both for the camera and the images it shoots.
  • You get a wide-angle lens in the box for the ultimate selfies.

I would like to sell the Lomo’Instant in my shop. Who should I contact?

If you would like to sell the Lomo’Instant, please get in touch with us at orders@lomography.com to discuss wholesales options!