The World's Most Creative Instant Wide Camera & Lens System

The World's Most Creative Instant Wide Camera & Lens System

They say there’s a first time for everything and with the Lomo’Instant Wide, that couldn’t be more accurate.

Combining high quality craftsmanship with versatile features, the Lomo’Instant Wide is the instant camera for any and every person who revels in capturing every beautiful, bizarre and bewildering moment in a creative, super wide, crisply sharp and perfectly exposed way.

The creative features of the Lomo’Instant Wide set it apart from any other instant camera on the market, past or present. Using the sophisticated Fully Programmatic Shutter, the Lomo’Instant Wide will automatically determine the right amount of light for perfectly exposed photos every time! What’s more, it comes equipped with impressive lens attachments and a lens cap that doubles as a shutter remote control. But the features don’t stop there — indulge in unlimited long and multiple exposures, approach any lighting situation with ease using the flash on/off control and a PC Sync socket, or paint your subject with vibrant hues using the interchangeable color gels. With the Lomo’Instant Wide, you will experience full control over your instant photography!

"Lomography is raising the bar on the wide-format instant camera with a slew of nifty additions that enhance instant photos in more fun and meaningful ways."


"The Lomography Lomo’Instant Wide is the best instant camera you can buy new today, and earns our Editors’ Choice award."


"One of the coolest things about this camera is the lens cap which doubles as an infrared remote control for the camera."