The LomoKino - Lomography in Motion

Bringing analogue back to the movies, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots short, creative movies on 35mm film.

It shoots 4 frames per single frame of 35 mm film. Movies are made at a measurement of frames per second. So, being able to shoot multiple frames on a single frame of 35 mm lets the the movie play at the correct pace. The LomoKinos run at 4 frames per second. And you can wind the reel to shoot up to 144 frames on any standard 35 mm film to make movie magic!

The LomoKino encourages you to fully embrace the 10 Golden Rules of Lomography. Simple to use, this camera is perfect for analogue experimentation; so don’t think, tear up the script and shoot from the hip because it’s time to make some fantastic movies in true Lomographic style!

After over 100 years of movie making, million-dollar special effects, big scale film studios and endless Hollywood drama, the LomoKino gives you the chance to return to the roots of movie-making and witness the very first steps of moving Lomography. Become a director yourself and capture Lomographic movies on any kind of 35mm film. No sound, no special effects, no post production — just simple Lomography in motion.

A Brief History of 35mm Filmmaking

All the way back in 1892, legendary inventors Thomas Edison and William Kennedy Dickson first used 35mm film and adapted it to shoot movies on their early analogue movie cameras. Over the years, all kinds of different formats appeared and disappeared, but it was 35mm that braved the test of time and became the standard format of film for shooting motion pictures.

It was only later that people began to experiment with using this 35mm movie film in still photography cameras. It was the German optical engineer, Oskar Barnack, who would eventually be credited with popularizing the format for still photography when he invented the first of legendary Leica 35mm cameras. 35mm film continues to be the standard format of film for still photography to this day; it’s now used and loved by Lomographers across the world as the medium for their creative and experimental snap-shooting.

The LomoKino has brought this history of 35mm film around full circle. When you load a fresh roll of film into your LomoKino, you are once again unlocking the moviemaking potential of the humble roll of 35mm film! Oh and for those of you who aren’t aware, the word ‘Kino’ is German for Cinema — speaking of which, why don’t we check out some LomoKino movies in the Screening Room!

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