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  • Searching for the fastest and most convenient way to scan and animate those LomoKino movies? With the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner and the free LomoScanner integrated App, you can quickly scan and animate your movie using your smartphone! Then all that’s left to do is share your mini-masterpiece with the rest of the world!

    The Smartphone Scanner is designed to scan all types of 35mm films – including panoramic photos. It’s light and portable allowing you to scan your movies even when you’re on the move! The ultimate tool for any LomoKino director.

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  • Works With All 35mm Films

    The Smartphone Film Scanner allows you to scan all different kinds of 35mm film imaginable. You can easily scan color negative, color slide and black & white films. It's also great for scanning those unconventional photo formats including longer panoramic shots (such as those taken with the Lomography Horizon and Spinner 360° cameras).

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  • Complete Convenience

    The Smartphone Film Scanner is small and can easily be transported. Whilst back-lit photo scanners also exist for scanning negatives, these scanners are large and cumbersome. The Smartphone Film Scanner is small enough to fit in your bag or rucksack, allowing you to scan films away from home. It's 100% mobile and easy to use! Find tips and other scanning basics you need to know about at our dedicated scanning site.