Let's head behind the scenes and take a look at all the features that make the LomoKino tick!

  • Film type - 35mm
  • Exposure area - 24mm x 8.5mm
  • Frames per. roll (36 exp.) - 144 frames
  • Frame rate - Approximately 3-5 frames per second
  • Taking Lens - 25mm
  • Angle of view - 54 degrees
  • Aperture - f/5.6, f/8, f/11 (Continuous aperture)
  • Shutter speed - 1/100
  • Film Advancing - Manual
  • Film Counting - Volume display
  • Focusing - (Normal) 1m~infinity, (Press button for) 0.6m close-up
  • View finding - Inverse-Galileo foldable viewfinder
  • Flash sync - x-sync (hot-shoe)
  • Tripod mount - Standard 1/4" tripod screw


  • Features3

  • Use any kind of 35mm film

    Load the LomoKino with any kind of 35mm film that takes your fancy – Color Negative, Slide, Black and White; the choice is yours

  • Check your movie progress

    Use the handy volume display on the LomoKino to see how much film you have left on the roll – When the red flag on top of the camera pops up, the show’s over folks

  • Fast Focusing

    Shooting a subject over 1m away? You don’t have to do a thing to focus. Want to shoot closer than 1m? Just hold down the close-up button on the front of the camera and you can focus up to 0.6m

  • Features2

  • Grab a Tripod

    Want to look like a true analogue Director when shooting your LomoKino movies? Attach the camera to a tripod and get ready for some steady Lomographic movie action

  • Easy Aperture Controls

    The LomoKino has continuous aperture settings from f/5.6 to f/11 – There is no step between each aperture, so you can effortlessly adjust the aperture setting at any time during shooting

  • Look through the Viewfinder (if you want to)

    Use the LomoKino viewfinder to get an idea of what you are shooting – Or just ignore it and shoot from the hip

  • Features1

  • Simple Shooting

    Shooting a movie with the LomoKino is easy – After you’ve loaded your film, just rotate the advancing crank to start making your movie – Rotate the crank slowly for a low frame rate or fast for a higher frame rate – With the LomoKino you can shoot up to 3-5 frames per second at full speed!

  • Light up your movie

    Use the hot-shoe mount on the top of the LomoKino to attach your favourite Lomography flashes