Fabio Rigamonti

  • Alias: Fab
  • City:Milan
  • Country:Italy
  • Age: 35


Milan is the city of fashion, art, gossip, catwalks, friendship, events.... I guess I had the perfect background to satisfy my lomo-addictions! My collection started in 2000 with Lomo LC-A and since then I collect (almost) all the cameras. Lubitel+ is my brand new love! Stylish as I need, easy to use as I like.

  • How long have you been a Lomographer? How did you get into it?

    In 1999, I discovered lomograhy thanks to an MTV program. They talked about lomography, LC-A, lomowalls and this new approach to photography. I was in love.... but had my own credit card only on 2001 and immediately bought my first LC-A

  • The strangest, funniest, or hands-down greatest photographic/Lomographic encounter that you have ever had.

    The funniest moment is when I shown my very first shots to my friends, talking about lomo.... -what?!?!?- everyone said!

  • If your photos shown here could have a soundtrack of three songs, what would they be (song title & artist please).

    Savin'me by Nickelback "These Street" by Paolo Nutini "For Lovers" by The Wolfman feat. Pete Doherty I especially feel the last one will be the soundtrack for lots of my lubitel shots

  • If you could be anywhere, doing anything, right now V where would it be and what would you do?

    I do not care where, but I wish I could spent a month playing with my new Lubitel+

  • Describe your Lubitel + in 5 words.

    Classy, stylish, light, powerful and lomographic

  • Is this your first Lubitel camera?

    Yep, but I wish I get a Lubitel 166 Olympic

  • What do you like the most/least about this camera?

    The camera is extremely light and the retro-feeling is totally guaranteed; the Lubikin is an amazing gadget and I'm looking forward the new ones.

  • If you could give a Lubitel to anyone in the world (as a gift), who would it be?

    To Alice (in wonderland)! She's used to see the world through the looking-glass!

  • Your advice to future Lubitel shooters.

    As written in the manual... improve first with normal films instead of B&W, slides or 35mm... You need to know your new baby and how she reacts to light

  • Your best photo so far, why?

    My dad in the blue sky... so moving

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