About Piggy Points What the hell are Piggies?

Piggy points are your pork-flavored admission ticket to instant gratification in our Online Shop. Oink! Simply put, piggy points are online store credit that can be earned by participating in the Lomography community.

Whether it be winning a contest, writing a review or Tipster post, or being chosen as the Lomohome of the Day, almost anything can earn you money to spend on the Lomographic products of your choice! Find out more on how to earn piggy points. Remember, to earn piggies, you must first register for a free membership on Lomography.com.

How many Piggies do I have?

To find out how many Piggy Points you have, log in to Lomography.com, and click the See Piggies button.

How do I spend my Piggy Points?

Once you have some Piggies, you can redeem them in our online shop. Their exchange rate is pretty sweet: 1 piggy point = 1 EUR/USD/GBP and best of all, they won't weigh down your wallet!